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About us

Interaltus Llc. is family-owned sales, distribution and marketing company established in 1994. Representing a wide range of FMCG products and many well-known brands, we operate in Estonia, but also in the other Baltic States. Our customers are the biggest retailers of the area, hyper- and supermarkets, gas station chains, pharmacies, building and gardening stores, but also smaller shops and horeca customers. Our suppliers are many highly esteemed companies from Europe, Asia and America.


Our mission is to be a long-term and professional partner for our customers and suppliers and to deliver products of good quality and added value to the consumers.


Why choose Us?

Marketingfrom strategic planning for introducing, building, promoting a brand on the market to market overviews and analyses.

Why choose Us?

Salesfrom sales agreements, electronic order-invoice control and merchandizing activities by key accounts to active sales at traditional trade customers, independent stores, supermarkets and food service customers.

Why choose Us?

Logisticsfrom storage and value-added warehousing services like labelling, copacking, excise services to effective and timely delivery systems.



D.A.LIS is a new and unique approach to cover all 3 Baltic markets at once.

DaLIS = Leversa (Latvia) + Interaltus (Estonia) + Sakalas (Lithuania)

DA.LIS is Distribution Alliance of 3 distribution companies – Leversa in Latvia, Interaltus in Estonia and Sakalas in Lithuania - established in 2015 acting as informal union of independent companies. All 3 companies represent some the same brands in their markets, share key values of distribution business philosophy and agree to recommend partners to their new suppliers to make the first contacts and extend business beyond market of particular member.

Kiil & Ko Llc was established in 1992, specialising in importing of Spanish quality wines.

Today we have wide portfolio of alcoholic beverages from different types, price levels and countries from Finland to Japan.

In Estonian market Kiil & Ko is known for quality products and professional attitude towards every customer. You can find further information about us and our brands from our website


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